Who We Are?

Our Mission

Golf Cart Supplies wants to support the community and environment by earning your trust and providing a reliable cost-effective product, a great sales experience, and excellent service.

Extraordinary Experiences

We are team of professionals with a combined 57 years of experience in resort and leisure vehicle sales, delivery, and accessories. Our staff is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction as a premier vendor of golf carts with many models from which to choose. The only thing above our passion for leisure and utility cars is our love for our customers. Our dealership employs experts that know how to help with your needs and are more than happy to assist with your purchase. 

Our Core Values

Golf carts are emerging as a significant part of communities internal transportation. Hence, growth of the manufacturing sector in developing countries is expected to create healthy growth opportunities for the global golf cart market. The growing demand means we have to stay ahead of the curve in order to bring our customers the best experience. With so many companies investing in the hospitality sector, our goal is to stand out with knowledgeable professionals, a superior product, and a great attitude.  

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